Designed in a classic fit, this Bulletproof Leather Puffer Vest provides an elegant and comfy armor style.

Main material: 100% Premium Leather
Care: Dry wash

Cut : classic, cropped cut

  • Male model is 183 cm wear size L
  • Two Velcro fasteners : one on each side for a modern army touch
  • Leather lining trim on the back to complement the ANAEL "V" shape design
  • Two ANAEL logos : one on the front left side and another one on the top back
  • For optimal comfort, it is recommended to select your usual size

This product is made from a blend of premium and organic leather.

Premium leather not only delivers unmatched quality but also champions environmental responsibility. Ethically sourced and sustainably produced, premium leather reflects a commitment to minimizing ecological impact. The meticulous craftsmanship and eco-friendly tanning processes not only ensure a luxurious feel but also extend the lifespan of the leather, aligning with a dedication to sustainable practices.

By embracing premium leather, we not only indulge in a product of superior quality but also support responsible sourcing and contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally respectful industry, fostering a future where luxury coexists seamlessly with ecological mindfulness.

Color : Black Leather
Article code: AP24SWBLBPLV1